eChurchERP V.4.5

Total Solution for Church Administration

eChurch is a Total Business Solution for Religious Institutions especially designed for Churches and Dioceses. eChurch is part of eTrustee a multi-user application designed and developed with latest Information Technologies tools with button click actions. eChurch is available with different platform of any MS Windows version with a minimum capacity of standalone and network environment. eChurch currently include different modules for managing Membership, Accounting, Inventory and Events Management.

Church Membership Management module has very easily manageable sub modules and functions for registration of families, members and their dependents. System allows adding maximum information about a family, its members and dependents. eChurch has provisions to register Baptism (Mamodisa), Marriage and Death Register and generate Certificates as required by the Church.


Church Accounts Management has full-fledged Accounting System with book keeping till final Accounts with many accuracy checking functionalities and reports. Accounting module also has functionalities to keep track of membership dues and register all dues and receipts in the membership dues register. eChurch has provision to generate all the required reports to check the accuracy of the daily transactions, Day Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss / Income Expenditure and Balance Sheet on any required day


Module has functionality to keep track of Inventory. While making payment itself the item can be recorded in the inventory register.


module has facilities to record and generate events of the day/week. Also provision is available to register booking of Parish hall and keeping a track of it. This module is very beneficial to the Church Secretary to prepare Annual Reports etc.


eChurch is a customizable package according to the choice of the Institution. Any additional functions, reports or facilities required will be customized on request. eChurch V4.5 has been actively used by many Churches.


KUJOEVA provide round the clock support to all our Softwares remotely and on site whenever required


Fr.Thomas Abraham
Vicar St.Thomas Valiapally
Ranny, Kerala,India

“It is such a pleasure to work with a company that cares about what happens to you after you purchase the product. We have been using eChurch v3.5 since 2012 year. We have more than 6500 members in our church spread into 7 Kurishpally's.

KUJOEVA Technologies has done a great job with eChurch V.3.5. The user friendliness of this Software allows for quicker and easier data entry.

One of its key features is the ability to search/view a member or his dependents profile without providing any code. Another key feature is that, they made it so simple a layman without any IT knowledge or accounting background can work with this Software.
This software is capable of managing the whole administration of a Church such as Membership Management, Parish hall management, Inventory and Accounting. KUJOEVA's round the clock support is commendable. “
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