ePlantationERP v3.5

A ERP Solution for Plantation Management


The plantation management solution is ERP multi user software which has many modules to manage and administer day to day operations. Plantation Management Software gives users the ability to monitor the status and progress of activities. It helps them to identify and analyse the problems in the areas of labour productivity, yield procurement, smoke/dryer room, sales and finance process and much more.

User advantages

  • Useful for any type of plantations such as Cardamom, Tea, Coffee, Rubber or any plantation which has yield processing activities.
  • Covers core business areas such as plantation life cycle, Yield Processing, Sales and distribution, Finance and Labour resources.
  • One can create a profile of the estate with acreage, ownership details such as document particulars; keep a note of tax payment, year of planting, clone, number of plants, other timber trees etc.
  • Retrieve Information regarding stock in smoke room/storeroom, productivity pertaining to the labourer, block etc is readily available. Sale details and weight of stock at the store and sales point are easily reviewed into a visual view for better business knowledge and responsive decision making.
  • Accounts under different heads provide a wealth of information and easy recall. Many useful reports such as the cost of production per kilo of rubber, smoking expense per kilo of rubber etc can be readily available at any point of time.
  • Provision for weekly/, monthly salary processing and automatic posting to the Wages Accounts and Employees Account is an advantage and reduces the data entry.
  • Provides details on Income and expenses of the entire business activities and calculate the cost of producing the minimum unit of a product. (i.e. for rubber estate the cost to produce 1 kg dried sheet)
  • Retrieves key output based on Labour and Yield procured per Block/Area and Calculate different products (yield) and compare with previous year’s output. This would benefit the management to have preventive measures to improve the Performance for coming years.


Dr. Simon Easow
Managing Partner
Thevervelil Estate
Perunad, Kerala India.
Email- simoneasow@gmail.com

I am a Rubber Planter from Kerala, India. Our end products are mainly RSS4 sheets and scrap rubber.
I have been facing the following problems regarding estate management:-
1) Keeping track of attendance and daily yield
2) Frequent confusion regarding stock in smoke room and grade and lott sheets in store room
3) Salary calculation and annual settlement
4) Keeping track of expenditure under different heads
5) Assessing the profitability of the business.
KUJOEVA Technologies’ e-Plantation V3.5 software has helped me overcome these issues with minimum data entry. KUJOEVA Technologies’ team are easily accessible and customer friendly. They are open to suggestions and willing to help familiarize with the product.
I can confidently recommend this software for any serious planters who are keen to be in control of their business process.
The times are difficult for the rubber grower but such times should be seen as an opportunity to shed flab and become fit for the new dawn which surely will come.”
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