Our Vision

To grow in the IT Industry by delivering innovative, effective and outstanding Solutions and Services to our esteemed Customers using cutting edge technology.

Who we are?

KUJOEVA Technologies is a software services provider, offers end to end IT services from strategic planning, development, testing and training through implementation of applications. KUJOEVA provides customized solutions based on an assessment of each client's needs. KUJOEVA helps companies overcome staffing and resource challenges. KUJOEVAs software development team have an impressive track record for developing software applications that meet the critical needs of companies. KUJOEVAs consultants are highly experienced with in-depth knowledge in functional and technical areas ranging from conversion of legacy systems, database management, object oriented development to client/server and intranet/Internet applications. KUJOEVAs Professional Services team has vast experience in IS auditing, Business Process Management , Business Continuity and IT Services.

Our Mission

To Provide quality service to our client and to maintain excellence and integrity in all our operations
- by providing guidance and training to our youngsters
- by delivering innovative,effective and outstanding solutions and services
- by keeping up the values of integrity, honesty, commitment, team work and mutual respect


Kujoeva's Services allow you to develop and implement the most suitable solutions to meet your changing business requirements. Kujoeva uses vast industry knowledge and technical expertise to provide our customer with the best solution for your business needs.



KUJOEVA can take up a part of or the complete software development process from the client: starting from the Analysis phase and ending with go-live deployment: As an example, KUJOEVA can deliver the following services on its own or in cooperation with the in-house team or IT department of the client: Authoring of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) or User Requirements Solution Prototyping and Software Architecture design Coding or code review in compliance with SRS and architecture Test-Plan review, or Testing and quality assurance of a software product


When it comes to your website design and development, KUJOEVA provides a complete turnkey solution: developing web-friendly content, graphic design, programming and hosting. Whatever the size of your website, from a simple static site to a content-rich, complex site, KUJOEVA can provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

Following are our main website design services :

• Professional Web Site Design

• Update/redesign of existing websites

• Database driven web sites

• Online shops/ e-commerce web applications


KUJOEVA offers data transformation services that create great positive changing impact on businesses. Our knowledge reservoir encompasses the best in class tools and practices that have resulted in transforming data from ‘just data’ into meaningful structures and formats. Transformed data when applied to various functional and operation spheres of any business brings about a sure shot change by reducing costs and increasing profits. We apply constant change management processes to our key resources which is our people, our technology infrastructure and our service delivery processes. Talk to us on your data related business challenges and we will provide you with bundle of solution and service that delivers on quality and timeframes as your business demands!


The consultants at KUJOEVA work to personalize the IT experience for each client. We work closely with you to ensure understand the benefits and potential drawbacks of outsourcing IT services and determine the IT outsourcing services that would most enhance your business and provide the greatest return on investment. We can help with outsourcing services that include managed IT services, help desk, backup, security, IT monitoring and maintenance and performance management. In our IT outsourcing and IT support services; we always use a customer focus approach. This focus allows us to tailor our services to the specific need of each client. We can help by analyzing your needs and supplementing your existing IT resources or assume the role of your IT department.


KujoevA provides clients with a review of that they have and how it is working for them. KujoevA has a qualified and experienced IS Auditing Team and will focuses on Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture: An audit to verify that IT management has developed an organizational structure and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing Information Processing Facilities: An audit to verify that the processing facility is controlled to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.


We assess your organizations current recovery capabilities and gap through a review of current management processes around continuity, recovery and availability. We create the appropriate level of detail required by you to assess the impact to the business in the event of loss of critical services. We provide an analysis of critical processes and information Technology applications supporting those vital services along with identification of recovery times and prioritization of dependencies on information availability, infrastucture, network and operational requirements.


We conduct training on Office Management Tools, Software Engineering and Database Management. You will learn in Office Management Tools how to leverage the extensive features in Word,Excel and Poweroint. Build professional documents in word and enhanced functionality. You will learn in in Softwatre Engineering how to Analyse,design,program and test Agile sofware projects. Adjust to change and manage risk using creative and Agile practices. You will learn in Database Management how to design, build and query a relational database.


Project management is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work to achieve specific goal.A project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end.There are a number of approaches to organizing and completing project activities, including: phased, lean, iterative, and incremental. KUJOEVA has qualified and highly experienced Project Managers to undertake any type of Projects related to IT activities.Our management professionals help clients in managing and executing their project on time. While saving their time and cost, we strive to make our clients satisfied with our services.

Our Products

KUJOEVA Technologies is a software services provider, offers end to end IT services from strategic planning, development, testing and training. KUJOEVA provides customized solutions based on an assessment of each client's needs.


Bank Asset Management System

KUJOEVA’s Dashboard for Banks solution help you create dashboards and score cards to get an accurate picture of your bank’s operation and financial health. It helps you drill down to identify gaps, causes, and remedial measure s. KUJOEVA’s Dashboard framework captures Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and operation metrics that drive your growth, profitability. The framework consolidates data from different sources – core systems, Web applications, external feeds and legacy systems. It then transforms and segments the data based on predefined key indicators- giving you easy-to-use, comprehensive banking performance assessment and management Dashboards with trends and scenario analysis capabilities.

eSchool ERP V4.5

School College Management System

School Management Software is an ERP multi user friendly Software. eSchool currently include many modules. Students Management Process (SMP) module is designed to manage student’s activities and performance on enrolment till he/she leaves the Institution. Students Registration Process, Students Admission Process, Students fees Process, Students Result Process, Progress Card Generation, Promotion etc are sub modules of SMP. Finance Management Process (FMP) module meets the complete process of Accounting and Balancing of the Institution’s Accounts.Our new version of eSchool has facilities to trace the where about of a student by parents and school authorities (available only on special request).

eWarehouse V2.5

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is a multi-user client server application with many moudles independent and interrelated. The system is designed and developed for managing stock of any Organization. This software has different modules to manage Purchase, Stock and Delivery/Sales. The system has facilities to set up minimum/maximum level control and alert when the limit reaches the level defined. The stock control module generate MIS reports from time to time to control the purchase and delivery. The software is fully customizable and remove or add any functions which may require by the organization./ This is very useful for any Trading/whole-sale Organization

eChurch V4.5

Church Management System

eChurch is a very user friendly Software with all functions of the Church Administration having easy access of Edavaka Register, Mamodisa Register, Marriage Register, Death Register, Membership dues Register. The Accounts module includes generation/printing Daybook, Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Income and expenditure, Receipts and payments and Balance sheet on any particular point of time.

ePlantation V3.5

Plantation Management

Plantation Management Software is an ERP multi user software. This software has many modules to manage and administer Labour productivity, Procurement of Yield, Smoke room Processing, Stores, Sales and Accounting. This software is very beneficial to small and medium /large scale estates of Rubber, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom etc.

eAppartment V2.5

Appartment Management System

Apartment Management Software has different modules to manage the owners and Tenants information and their monthly/yearly dues to the Association. The system has facilities to generate automatically the monthly/yearly dues and keep balancing of each item. The Finance Management module has full accounting moudle to register receipts and payments and generate reports of Cashbook, Daybook, Ledger, Receipts and payments and Balance sheet.

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